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I am truly grateful for your visit to Teena's Legacy website. Teena's Legacy mission is to provide a soul changing experience, in which young women and women in general becomes architects of their future. We do this by presenting opportunities for economic transformation through the process call “I Transformed My Life,” and the trade of reviving, restoring and reupholstering furniture.


Encouraging and educate women to empower themselves and take ownership of their life is our goal. Because of our commitment to enlighten women to live into their souls this holistic approach has the potential to strengthening themselves their families and transforming the communities which they live.




Meessage From the Founder

Teena's Pearls mission is to encourage young women to seek the truth about to 3 questions "Who Am I, Where Am I, and Where Am I Going". We work on this during a weekend of love, building and FUN! 

Teena's Legacy offer several workshops for parents designed to uplift, empower and encourage effective parenting skills. All of our workshops focus on an "Inside Out" approach  for getting things done. 

Teena's Legacy was founded in honor of Jamika Smith's grandmother Alberteen Stredrick. A woman whom was strong willed, creative with a lot of sass. Ms. Teena left a legacy we all could be proud of. 

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